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Por eso hemos preparado este mapa con todas las playas gays de España. . Existe otra playa de ambiente en la capital catalana, y no, no es la de By the way, did you know that Axel Hotel Valencia will open very soon?

A city with skyscrapers will have more space forpublic usage because there will be less land used for residential areas due to the amount of people who can live in high buildings. As a result, the government would be able to use this land to build hospitals, schools or places for entertainment. Furthermore, it is muchmore convenientfor residents to live in an apartment in a tall building which offers a Written by Ngoc Bach Website: www. In conclusion, while living in a horizontal city does have some benefits, it seems to me that the advantages of life in a city with skyscrapers makes living in a vertical city the better choice.

To be honest, I have not seen this topic before. You answered the question fully. I cannot improve on the technique which you used. You stated your position clearly in the introduction and consistently throughout the essay. The beginning of paragraph 3 and your conclusion were the ideal places to re-state your opinion. You also discussed both views. I also like the technique that you used here. I would also use paragraph 2 to discuss the view that I disagree with, saving paragraph 3 to deal with the view that I agree with. You gave two reasons to support each of these views, which is an ideal number.

It enabled you to explain each of these views fully. This is, however, a very minor suggestion, because you gave an example to support your safety argument in paragraph 2.

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Some believe that people need to live simpler lives to solve environmental problems. Others, however, believe technology is the way to solve these problems. Planning the ideas Based on our identification of the key words, our plan will be something like this: Introduce idea: advances in technology have harmed the environment. Some people think we must lead simpler lives, but I agree with those who think technological solutions can be found for environmental problems.

Paragraph 2: [View I disagree with] [1] People consume too much energy by overusing technological devices — examples of such devices. Consequences for the environment. Organic farming relies on simpler traditional methods of food production.

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Good results for the environment. While there are strong arguments that some environmental problems should be tackled by adopting simpler lifestyles, I believe that the solutions lie in technologies that have been and are being developed. On the one hand, enjoying life with less sophisticated technology means that people inflict lessdamage on the ecosystems on which all living things depend. If they decrease their energy consumption, thiswill reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, but this will certainly involve leading simpler lives.

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They encourage a diversity of plants and wildlife on their farms. On the other hand, I agree with those who argue that technological achievements play a pivotal role in environmental protection. This raises the prospect of decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, cleaner air and the reversal of the trend of global warming. Countries such as Japan are leading the way, for example, in developing more eco-friendly cars, buses and lorries. In conclusion, although living simpler lives can certainly help in tackling environmental problems, it seems to me that advances in technology are already providing many solutions and this trend will gather pace in the future.

Limiting your ideas to two in each main paragraph was the key to this good response, and you focused on energy and pollution in both paragraphs, so your essay had a logical development. Finally, you gave your own opinion clearly and consistently throughout the essay. Your topic sentences both indicated the main idea in each paragraph. You identified your arguments clearly for the examiner. Example: Medical techniques rely increasingly on sophisticated computer technology.


Example: The earthquake inflicted damage on many homes and farmland. Example: The ecosystems of rainforests are very diverse, because millions of different plants and animals live there. Example: The governments of the world have agreed to reduce theemission of greenhousegases. Example: Modern farming relies on chemical fertilisers, which are harmful if they are used near rivers.

Example: Many farmers use weedkillers, so that farm workers are not required in order to destroy the wild plants which grow among the crops. Example: Agriculture plays a pivotal role in the economy of many Asian countries.

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Example: Modern technology is responsible for the development of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and wave power. Example: Greater use of renewable energy resources is necessary in order to combat globalwarming. Example: As a result of modern technology, we can now find more eco-friendly products in the shops. Example: In modern processes of waste treatment, environmentally harmful substances can be removed.

Planning the ideas Based on our identification of the key words, our plan will be something like this: Introduce idea: more young people occupy important government positions. Some people think there are serious drawbacks, but I agree that there are more benefits.


Paragraph 3: [View I agree with] [1] Young people often have creative and modern ways of looking at problems: result — new styles of management and new policy ideas. While some people are opposed to this idea, I support the view that this trend is beneficial at present. On the one hand, this trend has some notable drawbacks. Young leaders are always thought to have insufficient capabilities to manage such aspects of policy as the economy or international affairs.

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If they have not faced manychallenges in their career, they are more likely to make mistakes, which can affect the lives of many people. On the other hand, it seems to me that young people are becoming an increasingly important part of the government and bring a lot of benefits. For example, with the same abilities and qualifications, a younger candidate is more likely to be elected than an older counterpart in some countries because of his longer anticipated time of devotion to public service in the future. In conclusion, although there are strong arguments for both views, it seems to me that on the whole it is beneficial that more young people are being selected to play some key roles in the government. The essay discusses you opinions well and you make relevant points for both sides of the argument, which are well supported by specific examples and explained well.

There is a clear overall progression in the writing and ideas are arranged coherently. Paragraphs and sentences are well constructed. Good topic sentences. You use a range of linkers throughout the essay. Example: Although the latest Iphone is very attractive, it has notable drawbacks, including the price. Example: The U. Example: The company specialises in developing innovative breakthrough policiesthat will lead to new business. Example: The President thanked his staff for their devotion to public service in dealing with the recent flood disaster.

Planning the ideas Based on our identification of the key words, our plan will be something like this: Introduce idea: many people think crime is a result of the bad nature of some individuals. My own opinion — I agree with those who think that it is a result of social conditions. Paragraph 2: [View I disagree with] [1] cruel people commit crime — example: children who bully others at school often become violent criminals later in life. ANSWER: Many people consider that innate characteristics are responsible for the fact that some people choose to turn to a career of crime.

While I accept that crime may result from individual characteristics of violence or greed, I would argue that it is largely a consequence of social issues and poverty.

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  • For instance, a child bullying other boys or girls at school may turn into a violent criminal in the future. A number of youngsters choose to steal from others, instead of working hard to make an honest living. These are strong reasons for thinking that those who have an inborn bad nature are more likely to break the law.

    Nevertheless, it seems to me that social issues and poverty are the main causes behind crime.